Inspiring Posters : “One Positive Thing Everyday” by Buddy Bravo

Each year, the Art Directors Club of Denver recognizes the work of Art students who have displayed creative excellence. This year’s winner for Integrated Campaign, Buddy Bravo, graced us with a set of 5 posters ”One Positive Thing Everyday” which truly puts a smile on your face. You clearly want one for your home. 

buddy bravo

Founded in 1955, The Art Directors Club of Denver is a local non-profit, multidisciplinary organization focused on strengthening the creative community through education, workshops, informative events. Every year they are organizing a design competition to reward the incredible artworks of a handful of highly talented students.

Buddy Bravo is this year winner for Integrated Campaign; he is a communication design student from the Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design. His set of five posters are meant to be sources of motivation: ”One positive thing everyday”. This posters make you take a delightful leap back in the past with its Art Déco designs and vintage colours. The posters are simple and classy and the motto “One Positive Thing Everyday” is clearly effective just by its drawings. Who wouldn’t want one in his home to take a look at every morning?

I guess Buddy’s family name was a sign, it already bears what we’d like to say to him fot this artwork.

buddy bravo

buddy bravo

buddy bravo


Sources: MYMODERNMET; Art Directors Club Denver.

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