Photos: creepy Easter bunnies

There are few days left before filling our bellies with loads of chocolate to celebrate Easter. For that occasion, some Easter bunny related images have resurfaced on the internet and err… the bunnies are a tad creepy. 


Psycho Bunny

We all know nowadays Easter traditions: the kids are crafting decorations at school and on the d-day, they run in the garden for the famous egg hunt. But there was a more traditional time when the Easter bunny was as trendy as Santa Claus. Indeed, you would sit on, or on the side of, this imaginary persona and have your picture taken with it.

Thought we can’t help but notice that unlike Santa, there wasn’t a specific description regarding how the rabbit costume should look like; so as a result, you get many various costumes. Sometimes the costume was pink, sometimes the eyes were scarlet and all in all sometimes the Easter bunny looks like a psychopath on crack! And no wonder that sometimes the kids are crying their eyes out when sat next to it/him. Check this hilarious yet cringe pictures below.

Don’t be afraid kido! Come sit on the Easter bunny laps.



source et crédits photos : cheezburger.com & ivillage

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