Photo : New-age origamis by Kota Hiratsuka

True paper engineer, Kota Hiratsuka (site) gives a complete new dimension to this ancestral art. He entirely changed the perception we have about it. Truly beautiful.  

It might be because of our Japanese name (indeed, Konbini means a convenient store open 24/7 in Japanese), but here, at the editorial board, we are fond of origamis. That is why we are absolutely delighted with Kota Hiratsuka‘s work.

This artist made in Japan is not only focusing on paper shapes, he is also taking lights and shadows into account; All of this gives his origami mosaics a 3D aspect that changes entirely depending on your angle of perception.

His origami mosaics goes beyond what we usually see; In his Flowers set, the geometric paper patterns form impressive mosaics.

Flowers by Kota Hiratsuka

Origamis new-age chez Kota Hiratsuka

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