Graphite points sculptures by Dalton Ghetti

American artist Dalton Ghetti is sculpting busts or common objects. Nothing too exceptional so far; except his work gets very original as the sculptures are being made in the graphite points of pencils. 

dalton ghetti

We sometimes wonder what is going through an artist’s mind when we are coming across that kind of creations. We don’t deny the undeniable artistic quality of his work but we can’t help but questioning ourselves. Our opinion doesn’t really matter does it though?

Dalton Ghetti (website) works and live in Connecticut, few miles away from New York. His art: he carves pencils graphite points in order to create teeny-tiny sculptures in it. The pencil keeps its original shape and its rubber.

Taking things step by step,  Dalton Ghetti carves the graphite points using a sewing needle and a small metal blade, removing very slowly specks of graphite one at a time. His work requires a lot of meticulousness and sometimes it would take months or even years to create this kind of sculptures. Take a look at his set below titled Lead.

Dalton Ghetti – Lead


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