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New Touching Trailer for Spike Jonze’s ‘Her’ Released

This tuesday 3rd of December, Warner Bros unveiled a new trailer for Spike Jonze new film Her. This original rom-com in the mood of our times has an all-star cast that includes Joaquin Phoenix, Amy Adams, Rooney Mara and Scarlett Johansson’s voice that you will easily recognize.

The first trailer was more of an introduction, setting the film’s mood on an music by Aphex Twin. Now, for this second trailer that goes deeper into the emotional atmosphere of the film, the music is by Arcade Fire (“Supersymmetry”); which is not really surprising as the band tweeted about their second collaboration with Spike Jonze few weeks ago.

Her, tells the story about Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix) living in the near future in L.A who falls in love with a computer operating system (Scarlett Johansson’s voice), a new entity that has a partial liberty and a conscience. Which is why we came across this sentence in the trailer:

“Are you dating your computer?”

The film is due out on January 10th in the US and January 24th in the UK.

Translated by Chloe Dufourg

X-Men Days Of Future Past Video: Has Magneto Killed JFK?

We’ve just celebrated the sad 50ieth anniversary of JFK’s tragic death; for this reason, 20th Century Fox has uploaded a viral video that completely rewrites History. (more…)

Look at This Moving Animated Short Film by Isabela Dos Santos

Brazilian animation artist Isabela Dos Santos made another short animated film titled I met a robot at a ballet once which she uploaded on her Vimeo.

This animated short film was written, animated and narrated by Isabela Dos Santos and is part of the official selection at the KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival 2013. This poetic and moving video, which is mostly autobiographic, is focusing on the meaning of life and life as an artist.

Have a look.

Translated by Chloe Dufourg

Video: Impressive Graffiti Timelapse from Sofles

The Australian street artist Sofles and his friends painted a whole disused warehouse in Brisbane and made a timelapse with it: Limitless.

This 5 minute timelapse gather Sofles and his friends Fintan Magee, Quench and Treas, who went wild on the Warehouse’s walls, painting every inch of them; it shows how the street artists work. The music is by DJ Butcher, and it was shot by Selina Miles. It’s not his first video on amphetamine, back in June 2013, he released one called Infinite which was also edited by Ironlak.

Translated by Chloe Dufourg

A First Dark Trailer for Nymphomaniac Unveiled

The much awaited Lars Von Trier’s new film Nymphomaniac has made a lot of ink flow. After a well orchestrated teasing with teaser trailers and posters, the first official trailer has finally been released. (more…)

First trailer for Atom Egoyan’s “Devil’s Knot” unveiled

It took 20 years and several documentaries for Hollywood to dramatize the notorious 1993 West Memphis murders also known as West Memphis Three. The film, titled Devil’s Knot, was directed by Atom Egoyan (Chloe).

On May 6 1993 in West Memphis, Arkansas, three boys were found dead in the canal. Three adolescents, Jessie Misskelley, Jason Baldwin and Damien Echols, were quickly suspected and convicted for murdering the three boys as part of a satanic ritual. The film focuses on Reese Witherspoon, who plays the grieving mother of one of the victims, but who has doubts regarding the teenagers quickly accused. Her doubts are confirmed by Ron Lax (Colin Firth), a private investigator who believes that the teenagers have been falsely accused.

This gripping trailer for Devil’s Knot let us foresee a promising thriller which should be out next year.

 Translated by Chloe Dufourg

Video: When a Road Safety Campaign is Inspired by GTA V

It is quite a challenge to alert the general public to the road safety. While it seems that the shocking campaigns are more efficient, the Irish Road Safety Authority to tackle the problem with another angle.

This new awareness campaign entitled “Keep Drama Off the Roads” directed by Shane Griffin and uploaded on Vimeo few days ago shows the danger of mobile phone use while driving. The two minutes video get you into a GTA V character’s shoes while he’s on a mission. The director adds: “Jack’s expert driving skills are put to the test as things begins to take a turn for the worst.”

All the GTA V codes are used: fast driving, helicopters, automatic guns, gangsters… The Road Safety Authority is really looking to target young people and alert them to the dangers of texting whilst driving. The danger seems indeed quite small compared to the car race and the bullets rain, nonetheless this bad habit can easily become fatal.

RSA - Keep Drama Off The Roads from Shane Griffin on Vimeo.

Translated by Chloe Dufourg

Famous Historical Photos Turned Into Selfies

The Lowe South Africa Agency created a campaign for the newspaper Cape Times, in which famous historical pictures were reimagined as “selfies”. Thus you will see Churchill, Jackie Kennedy or even William and Kate immortalizing a moment with a camera at the end of their outstretched harms, along with the slogan “You can’t get any closer to the news”

Anyway, this campaign illustrates how meaningful the world “selfie” has become in the pop culture in 2013. Besides, on this very day of November 19th 2013, “Selfie” has been named as word of the year by Oxford Dictionaries.


 Translated by Chloe Dufourg

When Fashion meets Art: Vogue December Issue

For their December issue, Vogue decided to pay a tribute to fine arts recreating masterpiece paintings with photographies. The editorial stages Jessica Chastain, who reenacted some of the most famous muses of Van Gogh, Gustav Klimt, Frederic Leighton and Félix Vallatton. The whole series was photographed by Annie Leibovitz. Watch it below.

jessica chastain

Van Gogh La Mousmé

Frederic Leighton – Flaming June

Ria Munk by Gustav Klimt

Anders Zorn – Portrait of Frances Folsom Cleveland

René Magritte’s La Robe du Soir, 1955

Félix Vallotton – Le retour de la mer

New Trailer For “Divergent”, Starring Kate Winslet, Unveiled

Since 2011, a new love-sci-fi book saga has appeared: Divergent. Written by Veronica Roth, it has known a great success in the likes of The Hunger Games ones. Furthermore, as the best sellers film adaptations are successful too, it didn’t take long for Summit Entertainment to buy the rights.

Today, we can already discover the very epic trailer for Divergent, which will hit the theaters on March 21st in the US and April 4th in the UK.

The film, directed by Neil Burger (The Illusionniste, Limitless), is taking place in Chicago, in an post apocalyptic society in which the inhabitants are divided in five factions. Each faction is dedicated to the cultivation of a particular virtue: Candor (the honest), Abnegation (the selfless), Dauntless (the brave), Amity (the peaceful), and Erudite (the intelligent). On her 16th birthday, Tris (Shailene Woodley) discover she doesn’t belong to any faction, she is what we call “Divergent”. But she decided to join the braves in order to prepare herself to fight a world that does not want her.  

As for the cast, it includes Kate Winslet who plays Jeanine Matthews, Theo James and Zoë Kravitz.

 Translated by Chloe Dufourg