Welcome to the Future with the Google Glass

The Google glass project is a very disconcerting high-tech project. Today we learn more about the device’s new functions with a video, but also how you can be part of the project. 


google glass

Isaac Asimov or Philippe K. Dick would have been delighted to hear about such a project as it looks like it’s out of a prolific science-fiction-lover mind.

Out of the Google X Lab, these high-tech glasses are being tested since april 2012 and the features included are see-through mini screen that replace the lenses and from where you can access all Google Tools (Gmail, Calendar etc…), it also includes a touch pad and a camera. We knew all this, but since yesterday, Google has unveiled some more features.

New features start with voice command: this feature allows you to turn on the device (starts with pronouncing “Ok Glass…”) , make a video call (“Ok glass, let’s hang with…” etc got it?) or take a picture. Direct interaction with machines happens now seemingly. You can even get access to a interactive translator if you’re visiting countries far far away.

The major feature unveiled by the Silicon Valley firm is a personal assistant: a feature that takes your surroundings into account and allows you to get informations about the place you’re in, temperature, flight time etc… how futuristic…

In this video we now see what it would feel like to wear them. Though as GEEKOLOGIE wrote, it feels indeed like you’re in line to have a way more exciting life with those on: sky diving, being a ballet dancer, trapeze swinging etc… Cheers Google, keep it real.

Google Glass – How It Feels

Finally, after being tested by few lucky ones, Google is now soliciting applications for Project Glasses tryouts through Google + and Twitter only, using #ifihadglass. 8000 lucky participants will be selected to try the “Glass Explorer Edition” though they will have to pay 1500$ for it. Yep nothing’s free.

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