Tamagotchi’s back for smartphones

You dreamt about it? Bandai and Sync Beatz did it for you. This thursday marks the great comeback of Tamagotchi for smartphones via the Android store. A release on the Apple Store should arrive soon too.  


Remember, back in the days, that ear-piercing sound coming from that little plastic box that drove our entourage crazy? Bandai released it in Japan in 1996, and the Tamagotchi phenomenon didn’t take long to massively invade Europe as well. This virtual pets were adopted by millions of families.

Were these virtual pets missed? Or did the Japanese firm bet on a smartphone comeback that will benefit them? Both maybe? Anyway, Bandai and Sync Beatz will launch a mobile app of the famous little toys this thursday. The app is titled Tamagotchi L.i.f.e “Love is fun everywhere” (more informations here). It will be available on Android Store first, and I’m sure the early fans will be delighted about it. The aim is clear, they are targeting nostalgic young adults.

Shin Ueno, the marketing manager, comments :

The new Tamagotchi app will feature the same game you know and love with a number of exciting new features

Two modes will be available: a retro mode for the purists, that will offer the exact same features the original Tamagotchi had. Then an new app one with new features, where on some smartphones, you will be available to play rock-paper-scissors with your dear digital pet.

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Free at first, you will however have to pay 0,99$ to be able to play the full version without adds popping up. An iPhone app should arrive soon, as well as some Tamagotchi merchandizing that will include tees, accessories etc…


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