How is pornography really like a Drug ? (SFW)

When Steve McQueen’s latest film Shame told us about the hectic yet not really enticing life of a young executive (Michael Fassbender) who is completely addicted to porn and sex in general, a video was released yesterday comparing, in an original and fun way,  porn addiction to drugs addiction. Interesting. 

The guys from ASAP Science (nothing to do with the rap crew!), a group of scientists, are sharing an illustrated and humorous video to know the ins and outs about porn in which they are comparing porn with drugs. Porn won’t hold no secrets for you.

With few figures appearing in the video: Pornography constitues about 25% of internet searches, and it’s the 4th most common reason for going on the internet. These figures are due to the intrinsic link between porn and dopamine, a neurotransmitter released as a reward when you accomplish something like sport or when you take drugs. It also explains how, like drugs, porn will also alter your reality. Learn more in the video below.

Source – Mashable / Youtube