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London Design: Dentaku’s Magical Gadgets

London based duo Yuri Suzuki and Mark McKeague, are the vital ingredient in some really interesting collaborations. Their creative design & invention company, Dentaku, prove that geeks are really just undercover wizards. 

London Design: Dentaku's Magical Gadgets

With the help of an electronic synthesizer, their latest project OTOTO transforms anything into a keyboard. Created in collaboration with Near Now it’s designed to let anyone interact with sound wherever, whenever and however they want. So while it may look like a lot of wires and clips it’s actually quite a simple idea which nonetheless, can give even your teddy bear a voice. And after so many years wondering what he sounds like. Finally late night ramblings will be answered with a solidarity ping. As the bond becomes ever unhealthier.

Named after the Japanese term for little brother, OTOTO explores the relationship we have to sound and what this means for composition. Along with designer Joseph Pleass, Suzuki and McKeague are working on making OTOTO available for everyone.

Previous work includes a complex operating device for mechanically dissecting food stuffs, The Oreo Wheel. In it, Suzuki and McKeague have produced a mathematical solution for one of the greatest philosophical conundrums of the recent millennium; how to separate Oreo cookies. Special features include The Oreo Knocker a revolutionary tool to knock Oreo discs.

Warning, descending Oreo discs may cause harm to small organisms.

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Video: LG G Flex, the First Self Healing Smartphone

The new LG G Flex appears as a small revolution within the smartphones world thanks to two features, its curved design and its self healing cover. In other words, this phone can totally heal itself, a little like Wolverine in X-men!

Last week, the video presenting the new LG G Flex went viral: thanks to a special fancy material for its cover and its curvy shape, the phone can literally heal itself if you scratch it or if you sit on it! We know that the demonstrations in the video were made to appeal the watchers and that is why, an internet user decided to test it himself. Watch below.

Even if the small scratch made with a knife takes more time to disappear, it remains quite impressive; besides, what are the chances of you scratching your phone with a knife in real life? Anyway this is a very good feature, as there is not need to worry about the everyday little scratches your phone might suffer from.

Curved Design

There is another appealing feature, this LG smartphone has a curved design. At first it prevents the screen from being scratched except if you sit on it, and here is the other good news, the phone will restore its original curved form even after it is pressed completely flat! As seen in the video.

lg g flex

YouTube Screenshot

Le LG G Flex is due to be released on the UK soil in February 2014. Its price should be around 800€… Technology does have a price.

 Translated by Chloe Dufourg

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Video: The internet in 60 seconds

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Video : ‘If Songs Were Real’ by Republic of Telly

Here is a little hilarious video nugget to enlighten your first day at work! Monday bloody Monday! 

© Screen Capture If Songs Were real – Youtube

The video “If Songs Were Real” by Republic of Telly, will brighten your Monday. Republic of Telly asked the question what if songs lyrics were for real and they reenacted the strict meaning of them in a video. It’s absolutely hilarious.

For instance, Justin Timberlake’s “I’m bringing sexy back” becomes a man bringing his dildo back and Kings Of Leon’s “Sex on Fire” becomes a metaphor of Chlamedya or The Weather Girls’ “It’s raining men” becomes… i’ll let you find out for yourself. An utter barrel of laughs video!

What if Game Of Thrones characters were on facebook?

After Game Of Cats and Game Of Trones characters on twitter, now Theon Greyjon, Jaime Lannister, Cersei Baratheon and co are on Facebook and it’s witty!


Alright, we don’t want to be a drag when it comes to Game Of Thrones and their social network equivalents, but this one is just too hilarious not to talk about and the GOT fans might appreciate it! This ‘Game Of Thrones Facebook Edition‘, relates about GOT season 3 episode 2 through the characters posts, likes, check in, tags etc on Facebook and it is pretty fun. If you’ve seen this episode then you’ll get the references and the jokes; for all the others I advise you to read it after you saw it, in order to understand better!

game of thrones


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